The New Approach to Bilingualism

Our programs are aimed at facilitating language development in children toward levels of bilingual and bicultural mastery in Spanish and Hispanic culture. They are grounded on a constructivist methodology, reinforced by a cultural-based didactic method. 

The key advancement factor is composed fundamentally on two variables.

Critical mass

Continuity of exposure to language and culture.

In order to achieve the benefits of the method, it is highly recommended to continue with the selected program for the total duration of the academic process.

Our Partners

All Kids Spanish partners with only high-quality providers to offer clients a comprehensive service that complements its unique method with excellent didactic materials: Editorial Santillana and their K-5th grade Elementary program “Descubre el Espanol”.

About Santillana

  • Santillana is a renowned publishing company.
  • Founded in Spain.
  • It is now an international publisher with affiliates in almost all Spanish speaking countries, as well as in Portugal , the UK, Brazil and the United States.

What distinguishes us?

We distinguish our service with a focus on results and emotions by enthusiastically challenging children to problem solving scenarios that offer the opportunity to apply their knowledge. We tailor our sessions to suit the levels and learning styles of the children making each class a lively experience of hand on project-based experiences, fun and enriching for all.






8 Units with 6 Levels